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Bompton Berries Strain

Bompton Berries is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a potent cross between the classic OG Kush X Blueberry strains. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-28% on average and a myriad of indica and sativa effects. Upon the onset, you’ll be hit with a light cerebral head high that leaves you feeling uplifted and slightly euphoric with a sense of focus and motivation. This is followed by a relaxing body high that leaves you couch-locked and immovable for hours on end. Due to these potent combined effects, Bompton Berries is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia. Bompton Berries has a sweet and fruity blueberry flavor with a dank kush aftertaste that intensifies upon exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a sweet blueberry overtone that’s accented by hints of sour kush. Bompton Berries buds have dense round olive green nugs with dark purple leaves, fiery orange hairs, and a coating of tiny frosty white trichomes.

Is Berry Runtz indica or sativa

Berry Runtz is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is indica-dominant. The buds are dense and dark green, with purple hues and a thick coating of trichomes. The aroma is sweet and fruity, with notes of berries and candy. The flavor is similar, with a sweet and fruity taste that lingers on the palate. The high is heady and relaxing, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

What is the heaviest hitting indica strain?

The heaviest hitting indica strain is the one that packs the most powerful punch. Indica strains are known for their high THC content, and the heaviest hitting indica strain is no different. This strain has a high THC content that will deliver a potent and long-lasting high. If you’re looking for a strain that will leave you feeling couch-locked and relaxed, this is the one for you.

What is Zurple punch

There are many different types of punch, but Zurple punch is a type of fruit punch made with Zurple berries. The berries are native to the island of Zurple and have a tart, tangy flavor. The punch is made by combining the berries with sugar and water, and it is typically served at parties or other social gatherings.

Is member berry good for pain

Yes, member berry is good for pain. The berry contains compounds that act as analgesics, or pain relievers. These compounds help to block pain signals from the nerves to the brain. Additionally, member berry is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These agents help to reduce inflammation and swelling, which can also contribute to pain relief.

What terpenes are in member Berry?

There are over 100 different terpenes that have been identified in the cannabis plant, and each one has its own unique smell and flavor. Myrcene, for example, is responsible for the earthy, musky aroma of many strains of cannabis, while limonene is what gives some strains a citrusy smell.Berry strains of cannabis are often characterized by their sweet, fruity aromas, and this is due in large part to the presence of terpenes like pinene and caryophyllene. Pinene, as its name suggests, is also found in pine trees and gives cannabis its characteristic piney smell. Caryophyllene, on the other hand, is also found in black pepper and cloves, and gives cannabis a slightly spicy aroma.

Why is runtz called runtz

The origins of the term “runtz” are unclear, but it is thought to be derived from the sound that is made when eating the candy. The term may also be a play on the word “runt,” which is often used to describe a small or inferior individual.

Which is better white runtz or pink runtz

White runtz are typically more potent, while pink runtz are said to be more flavorful.White runtz are typically cheaper, while pink runtz may be more expensive.White runtz are typically more widely available, while pink runtz may be harder to find.Ultimately, the decision of which is better is up to the individual. Some people prefer the potency of white runtz, while others prefer the flavor of pink runtz. There are pros and cons to both sides, so it really comes down to what you’re looking for in a strain.

What is RS11 strain

The RS11 strain is a new type of cannabis that has been developed by growers in the United States. This strain is a cross between the popular OG Kush and the less well-known Sour Diesel. The result is a potent and powerful strain that offers users a unique and enjoyable experience. The RS11 strain has a high THC content, making it a good choice for those who are looking for a strong high. The strain also has a strong smell and taste, which some users may find unpleasant.

What is peanut butter breath strain

The Peanut Butter Breath strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing the classic strains Peanut Butter Breath and OGKB Cake. The result is a strain with a sweet and nutty flavor profile that is reminiscent of peanut butter. The Peanut Butter Breath strain has a THC content that typically ranges from 18-25%. The buds of this strain are dense and sticky, and they are often a dark green color with hints of purple. The Peanut Butter Breath strain is known for providing users with a heavy body high that can be accompanied by couch lock. This strain is best suited for use in the evening or at night.

What strain is Obama runtz

There are many different strains of Obama runtz, each with its own unique set of characteristics. However, all Obama runtz strains share one key trait: they are all incredibly potent. So, if you’re looking for a strain that is sure to get you high, Obama runtz is the way to go.


The Bompton Berries strain is a great choice for those looking for a delicious and potent indica. This strain has a high THC content and is known for its couch-locking effects. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you relax and unwind, Bompton Berries is a great option.