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Hippie Strain

The term “hippie” first came into popular use in the 1960s, when it was used to describe young people who were rejecting traditional values and pursuing a more countercultural lifestyle. This included experimenting with drugs, engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage, and rejecting materialism.

The hippie movement was initially inspired by Eastern philosophy, particularly the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. This led many hippies to travel to India and other countries in Asia in search of spiritual enlightenment.

One popular strain of marijuana that became associated with the hippie culture is known as “hippie weed.” This strain is said to produce a mellow, relaxed high that is perfect for socializing and enjoying music.

Today, the term “hippie” is often used to describe people who are interested in alternative lifestyles and spiritual practices. While the hippie movement of the 1960s has largely faded into history, its spirit of nonconformity and love of nature continues to inspire people of all ages.

Is hippie crasher indica or sativa?

The answer is that it depends on the particular strain of hippie crasher. Some hippie crasher strains are indica dominant, while others are sativa dominant. The majority of hippie crasher strains, however, are hybrid strains that contain elements of both indica and sativa.

What strain is hippie crusher?

The Hippie Crusher is a strain of marijuana that is said to be very strong and effective at treating a variety of medical conditions. Some of the conditions that this strain has been known to help with include: anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and fatigue. This strain is also said to be very effective at helping people to relax and to get a good night’s sleep.

Is hippie Crippler indica?

The answer is yes, hippie Crippler is an indica. This particular strain is known for its powerful couch-locking effects, making it perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. Its buds are large and dense, with a deep green color and a hint of purple. The aroma is earthy and pungent, with a hint of sweetness.

What strain is anti anxiety?

  • CBD dominant: these strains have high levels of CBD, which is known for its calming and anxiety-reducing effects.
  • Indica dominant: these strains are typically heavier and more sedating, which can help to ease anxiety.
  • Balanced: these strains have a good balance of CBD and THC, which can provide both calmness and a bit of a head high, helping to take the edge off of anxiety.

What strain is hippie Slayer?

The strain known as Hippie Slayer is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing the legendary Granddaddy Purple strain with the popular Sour Diesel strain. This potent strain is said to pack a powerful punch, with a THC level that has been measured at up to 26%. Hippie Slayer is said to produce a high that is both cerebral and physical, with effects that are described as being uplifting and relaxing. This strain is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

What is Romulan strain?

The Romulan strain is a powerful and virulent form of the deadly virus known as the Romulan Flu. This virus was first unleashed on the planet Romulus by the Romulan Empire in an attempt to decimate the Federation. The virus quickly spread throughout the galaxy, and eventually made its way to Earth. The Romulan Flu was eventually brought under control by the Federation, but not before it claimed the lives of millions of people.

What is Hippie crasher?

A “hippie crasher” is someone who deliberately crashes hippie events or gatherings in order to disrupt them or cause mischief. The term is often used in a derogatory way to describe someone who is not actually a hippie but who pretends to be one in order to ruin their fun.

What strain is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material that is used in a variety of applications, from aerospace engineering to medical implants. Carbon fiber is made from a long chain of carbon atoms bonded together. The carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagonal lattice, and the bonds between the atoms are very strong. Carbon fiber is often used in composite materials, where it is combined with other materials to create a strong, lightweight material with a variety of properties.

What strain is grape cake?

Grape Cake is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between indica Purple Punch and sativa Gelato #33. This strain has a sweet grape flavor with a hint of diesel. The effects of Grape Cake are relaxed and happy, making it a great strain for managing stress and anxiety. This strain is also known to help with pain relief, making it a good choice for those suffering from chronic pain conditions.

What runtz purple?

Runtz purple is a variety of the Runtz strain of cannabis. It is characterized by its purple coloration and has a sweet, fruity flavor. Runtz purple is said to be very potent and is often used for medical purposes.

Is Candyland a good strain?

Candyland is a good strain for people who want a sweet and fruity taste without the heavy indica effects. The THC content is relatively low, making it a good choice for people who are new to cannabis or who don’t want to be too stoned. The CBD content is also relatively high, which can help to counteract some of the effects of the THC.

What strain is extreme cream?

There are many different strains of extreme cream, each with its own unique flavor and effects. Some of the most popular strains include Cookies and Cream, Gelato, and Birthday Cake. Extreme cream is a very potent strain of cannabis that is known for its ability to produce a very intense high.

What is Skunk VA?

Skunk VA is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was bred by crossing Skunk #1 and Virginia Gold. Skunk VA is known for its sweet and sour citrus aroma, as well as its uplifting and cerebral effects. This strain is a great choice for daytime use, as it can help to boost energy and mood while also promoting creativity and focus.

Is Candy Cake indica or sativa?

Candy Cake is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is indica-dominant. This means that it will produce more of the effects associated with indica strains, such as relaxation and sedation. However, it will also have some sativa effects, such as a boost in mood and energy levels. The exact ratio of indica to sativa in Candy Cake will vary depending on the breeder, but it is typically around 60:40.

What strain is OG Skywalker?

The OG Skywalker strain is a hybrid of the popular Skywalker and OG Kush strains. The buds are dense and sticky, with a strong earthy and Kush flavor. The effects are relaxing and euphoric, making it a great choice for treating anxiety and stress.

What strain is shark breath?

Shark Breath is a hybrid cannabis strain that is said to have a pungent odor like that of a shark. It is a cross between Great White Shark and OG Kush and has a THC content of up to 22%. The buds are large and dense with a green and purple coloration. The aroma is a mix of citrus, diesel, and skunk. Shark Breath is known to provide a relaxed and happy high, making it a good choice for stress relief or managing pain.


The Hippie Strain is a great choice for those looking for a relaxed and happy high. This strain is perfect for daytime use, as it will not leave you feeling couch-locked or tired. With its uplifting and euphoric effects, the Hippie Strain is perfect for social gatherings or for enjoying some solo time.