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Lions Cake Strain

The Lions Cake strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing the indica-dominant Granddaddy Purple strain with the sativa-dominant Sour Diesel strain. The result is a strain that is said to be very potent, with a THC level that can reach up to 22%. The Lions Cake strain is said to have a sweet and sour diesel flavor, with hints of grape andberry. The aroma is said to be similar, with a diesel and grapefruit scent. The Lions Cake strain is said to provide a well-balanced high that is both uplifting and relaxing. The effects are said to be long-lasting, making this strain a good choice for those looking for relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

What is the rarest strain?

There are many different types of strains of marijuana and they can vary in terms of rarity. Some strains are more common than others, while some are quite rare. The rarest strain of marijuana is probably the White Rhino strain, which is said to be very difficult to find.

Is og Cake a sativa or indica?

There’s a lot of debate over whether or not OG Cake is a sativa or indica, but the general consensus seems to be that it’s a hybrid. However, the exact ratio of sativa to indica in OG Cake is unknown. What is known is that OG Cake is a potent strain, with a THC content that typically ranges from 18-25%. So regardless of whether it’s a sativa, indica, or hybrid, OG Cake is sure to pack a punch.

What strain do rappers smoke?

The most popular strain of cannabis that rappers smoke is OG Kush. This potent indica-dominant hybrid has THC levels that can reach up to 20%, making it one of the strongest strains available. OG Kush is known for its distinct diesel-like aroma and is prized for its ability to relieve stress and pain. Other popular strains that rappers have been known to smoke include Northern Lights, Blueberry, and Granddaddy Purple.

What is a top shelf sativa

A top shelf sativa is a type of marijuana plant that is known for its high quality. These plants are usually grown in controlled environments and are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet strict quality standards. Top shelf sativas are often used to create various types of marijuana products, such as edibles, oils, and concentrates.

What are the top 10 exotic strains

  1. Mango Kush: A hybrid of the indica Hindu Kush and the sativa Skunk #1, this strain features a sweet and tropical flavor.
  2. Blueberry: This indica-dominant strain is prized for its distinct blueberry flavor and its ability to provide a deep and relaxing body high.
  3. Pineapple Express: A hybrid of the indica-dominant Hawaiian and the sativa Trainwreck, this strain is beloved for its sweet and fruity flavor.
  4. Granddaddy Purple: A cross of the indica Purple Urkle and the sativa Big Bud, this strain is known for its large purple buds and its couch-locking effects.
  5. OG Kush: A legendary strain that needs no introduction, OG Kush is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.
  6. Cheese: A classic strain with a distinctive cheesy flavor, Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a relaxing body high.
  7. Sour Diesel: A popular sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel is known for its pungent diesel flavor and energizing effects.
  8. Blue Dream: A hybrid of the sativa Haze and the indica Blueberry, this strain is a favorite among cannabis users for its balance of cerebral and body effects.

What strain is 100% sativa

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no one strain of 100% sativa. However, some strains that are commonly thought to be 100% sativa include Green Crack, Sour Diesel, and Super Silver Haze.

Final Word

The Lions Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for those who need a little help relaxing. This strain has a delicious flavor that is reminiscent of a freshly-baked cake, and its effects will leave you feeling happy and sedated. If you’re looking for a strain that can help you kick back and relax, Lions Cake is the perfect choice.